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DJ Mish
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DJ Mish



Now residing in Los Angeles, DJ Mish was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

She enjoys music ranging from Hip-hop, Nu Disco, Trap, to Jersey Club and even Dancehall. Her favorite music genre is Hip-hop, RnB, NeoSoul, and Trap, which have become her signature sounds as a DJ.

She started learning music at a very young age, but it wasn't until junior year in university that she started to explore DJing. Soon she realized that her passion for music was here to stay. Unsatisfied with the music scene in Taiwan, she decided to move to LA to pursue music full-time.

DJ Mish is a girl who’s always up to trying new things, and when she wants to achieve something, she will stop at nothing. She has strict principles when it comes to music, and she does not give in easily. When she is on the decks, she aims to bring forth fascinating sounds for those who enjoy music just as much as she does. She likes to play remixes of popular hip-hop songs to make her set more interesting as well as appealing to her audience.

Once you’ve seen her on stage, you will know her magic. No matter how calm (or bitchy) she looks up on that stage, her music will always make you dance until you drop.